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Name: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad - Allegheny Western Subdivision
Scale: S (1:64 or 3/16 inch = 1 foot)
Locale: Pittsburgh, PA
Era: 1966
Connections: Monongahela Connecting Railroad (at Glenwood)
Penn Creek Valley (at West End)

Layout Size: 11 x 45 Feet
Benchwork: Sectional 1x4 Grid Construction
Subroadbed: 1/2 Inch Plywood
Roadbed: Homabed
Scenery Construction: Insulating Foam Board

Track: Code 100 Shinohara Flex Track
Minimum Curve Radius: 45 Inch with Easements
Turnouts: Shinohara, Fastracks and Old Pullman
Turnouts Sizes: Mainline - #8, Others - #5 and #6
Turnout Control: Tortoise Switch Motors, Ground throws, DPDT
Mainline Length: 100 Feet, Double Track

Control: Digitrax DCC

Photos by Scott Dunlap


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